Bidding will take place in the system of electronic auctions Interbank possibility of remote access.

All participants wishing to participate in the auction must go through the accreditation by completing and providing exchange application  with attachments specified therein.

Contact persons Exchange:

Vladimir Kvirenko (044) 461-54-24, [email protected]

Newsletter auction number 2 / DP


Terms auction:

Basis of delivery
Self-buyer export traffic, with fuel skaldu
(M. Kyiv, Pr. Vozdukhoflotsky, 96b)
Lot Size / lots, thous. Liters
Step auction cents
The time for the introduction of applications for participation from members
No later than the date of the auction 13-30
Registration time for participation in the auction
From 13-00 to 13-45 after the auction
Auction start time
The time to enter quotations for the auction participants
1 minute

Paying bidders previous contributions made to the account:

№26506052600740 PJSC “PrivatBank”

MFO 320649

recipient Ukranian trade house “Contract house UICE”

enterprise code 31813611

Technical requirements for working in the system:

MS Windows 2000 SP4 / XP SP2 / Vista / 7

Browser: MS Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome latest version of MS Silverlight plugin

Address for access to electronic auctions:

Address for access to electronic auctions in test mode:

Username and password for access to the test of electronic auctions is available by calling tel. (044) 461-54-24 (Vladimir Kvirenko) or sending messages to e-mail: [email protected]


Regulation on the organization and conduct of Ukranian trade house “Contract house UICE” electronic exchange auctions of petroleum products


User of electronic auctions.


The model agreement.